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This site is all about our kids lives- their social and emotional behaviors-that makes us understand them better. Besides, it offers more insight regarding how to care for kids, as well as fun facts about them.

How reading to babies improves their health

Ever wondered why some parents read books to their infants as early as five months? That might be because we tend to consider it a waste of time simply because babies do not understand most things we do. However, the truth is, reading to your kid boosts their health. I have always observed some parents read books to their children as early as two months old while cuddling them before they go to bed. Through that, I have understood that it helps in bonding and building positive emotions between them and their infants. As I closely observe their kids, I confirm that they are always jovial, especially when they listen to their mothers read out loud to them. It’s never to early, grab a book for your kid and boost their happiness.